The colourful world of Wellemöbel

Noble finishes, beautiful colours: here is the full overview of the wood and colour finishes that Wellemöbel has to offer. Please note that depending on the quality or set-up of particular monitors, colours cannot be truly  realistically shown. To be sure, please visit your local retailer to see the finishes in real life!

Some of the colours shown are only used for the purposes of detail colour within the range , more detailed information can be obtained form the actual type list. What you cannot see here, but we would love to tell you is: Our gloss finish is used from the very best environmentally friendly water based lacquers. Because of this we are allowed to give all our ranges the award "the blue angel".

Structured chestnut effect
Crystal mirror
Grey mirror
Bronze mirror
Lilac Grey high gloss
White waxed solid pine
Structured nordland ash effect
Light maple effect
Structured coimbra ash effect
Beech effect
europ. Cherry effect
Structured wild oak effect
Riviera oak effect
structured Santhia oak effect
Hickory effect
Structured escada ash effect
Pure white
High gloss alpine white
Aluminium - effect
matt aluminium
Office grey
Sand grey
High gloss sand grey
High gloss truffle
High gloss lava
High gloss volcanic grey
Frosted anthracite glass
High gloss coffee brown
High gloss black
High gloss olive
Frosted jade glass
High gloss pacific blue
Sapphire blue
High gloss sapphire blue
High gloss night blue
High gloss purple
Frosted marsala glass
Ruby red
High gloss ruby red
Alpine white
High gloss crystal white
High gloss macchiato