Start early, and keep striving for even better results.

High quality materials, perfect manufacture, functional and long life are the main demands of a customer for a piece of furniture. As a manufacturer we have to take a look at other factors too: Safety, economic efficiency and to have a  responsiblility for the environment. All these points must be seen to every day and to constantly work on them, only then can we produce quality.


To Wellemöbel quality means, that in every phase that the furniture goes through , we do our very best, from the idea in development, through to the delivery. How that all happens, we would like to show you here. 


Quality has much to do with continuity, only when all cogs on the production chain are working to perfection, is the result, one that meets all the requirements. Therefore at Welle is our quality control two-fold, during the process and also random sampling.

After the exhaustive incoming component check of all materials follows the machine work, assembly and then the final inspection and cleaning of the end product.


During every process, Welle carries out quality control checks. Again and again, parts will be taken off the production line and checked for damage, scratches or breaks. 

After the furniture has been properly packed with cardboard and polystyrene, the in-house logistics take over the transport to the trade partners. All done with great care, punctuality and dependability - ultimately, they are our products. And because we are still there till the end of the transport, we can make sure of quality. Therefore we can be sure that the furniture is at its best before it eventually goes home - your home.