Good ideas should have a home, yours preferably.

Can you re-invent the wheel? No, but furniture can be re-invented all the time. Whether it be in colours, designs or innovation.  

Your choice of furniture must meet your expectations and not the other way round. We will not put all our efforts into short lived trends, but more take the whole living situation under the microscope. Only when we know what the customer really wants do we start to build the right furniture to meet those needs.

With over 100 years of passion , experience and love for furniture we strive on good design, high quality and putting furniture into peoples homes that they love as much as we do. As long as the trends change, Wellemöbel will change too, but one thing is sure, there is nothing more important to us than you, the customer.



Growth for everybody!



What starts small, will always want to make it big. And that counts for children too and also for childrens furniture. When choosing the furniture, of course you are going to go for strong, durable furniture. But what about the future? Through different functions in the furniture the longevity can be expanded. E.g. the nappy changing chest becomes a chest. The bare on the cot can be removed as the child grows. The whole side can be removed and replaced with safety sides, and then taking it a step further, these too can be removed to make a sofa! Height adjustable decks, etc etc the list goes on. take a look yourself, you'll be overwhelmed at the possibilities.




Kids' Space!

The average teenager's room is not huge so 9-12 m2 should provide enough space for everything that your child needs. This is only possible with the help of some good ideas, like those in Welle's "New Concept".

The extensive range is full of ingenious ideas for every room and solves space issues in a flash. There are many different designs to choose from, and every detail has been created with teenager needs in mind, so that the smallest room provides plenty of space to play, study, and sleep.



Dividing, for more space.


Sleeping, working, reading, TV, music  - the normal day for any child. But can one room accomodate all this? With the Wellemöbel room dividing highboard wardrobe, the first hurdle is jumped. Not just optically great, but now the room is split in 2 for a real living room feeling.