Thousands of possibilities. Just for you!

As a furniture manufacturer, one thing has to be crystal clear; that the way we live belongs to one of the most important things in our lives. Pieces of furniture are not just practical objekts between our 4 walls, but also they reflect who we are and our style. 

Wellemöbel offers you, within the 4 sectors, an immense choice of products and styles. Anything is possible.

Our ranges are so designed that the range is big enough and the choices of colours, so that the customers are able to realise their dreams, in their individual style. We work hard every day to ensure that this doesn't change, to be able to offer a life full of ideas and possibilities.


Living Life with Wellemöbel

Where do live better with Wellemöbel? In which rooms can we make a comfortable atmosphere, help with space saving solutions or create a "homescape" for the family? To furnish with Wellemöbel, means to fill rooms with life. Our "model family" can show you where and how.