To clarify quality, the best way is using sign language.

It doesn’t matter what you buy or where you buy it: quality is always promised. One can, in most cases, rely on the promise that the product will be of high quality – what is even better, is a guarantee for it.
May it be for proven workmanship with high quality standards, good for the environment, or for performance characteristics – the many number of awards, that we have received for our products, are not a sign that we have done our job but a signal for you, that you can depend on us and our furniture.
Furniture should not come with health risk. There are however risks that are hidden. Substances from the wood can induce allergic reactions and be harmful to health.
For this reason our furniture carries the “Blue Angel” symbol,  which is allocated from the Ministry for the environment. As well as your safety, the safety for the environment is also cared for: so the guarantee is that all our wood comes from sustainable forests.
The GS Symbol guarantees that the furniture is proven by the Technical Inspection Agency for the adherence of all standards and safety procedures. The control and allocation of this award is carried out from the state trade agency.
For every area, there are different safety criteria – especially in the baby’s room. Before the GS symbol is allocated the following are some of the areas that are inspected.

  • Absolute stability.
  • Corners, edges and parts that stick out must be rounded.
  • Dummy chains (or similar) must not be able to ensnarl on parts that are reachable from the inside of the bed.
  • Stability of the struts, bed ends and side parts.
  • The grid struts have defined gaps, so that the child cannot become trapped.
  • Materials and surfaces that are reachable for the child have to meet the requirements for the DIN-standards „toy safety“           and also „sweat and saliva“ proof.
  • Small parts, peel-off stickers etc. that could be swallowed are not allowed to be reachable.
  • The inside height of all sides must be at least 60cm.

The magazine „Öko-Test“ „Ecological Test“ tested 10 baby bed for the July 2016 issue. With a clear-cut result: our baby bed “LASSE"  received the A grade by itself. Some of the producers were considerably under or over the tested criteria. Result: LASSE is the environmental star under the baby beds.

As a producer from the heart of Germany, Wellemöbel has of course German quality standards. At our modern factories we not only employ good qualified people, but also train ourselves. We produce long-life furniture, with high quality materials, the most modern technology, and skilled precision: Made in Germany.

Products that carry the „Golden M“ have especially good performance characteristics. So you can be sure that you are buying a quality product, which will last for years.