Furniture is for people. Wellemöbel too!

More than just exchanging a service for money. We are an employer of more than 500 people, and acutely aware of our corporate social responsibility. Employees are more productive and efficient if they enjoy their jobs. The average period of employment at Wellemöbel is 17 years, and we can proudly announce that in 2010 one of our employees is celebrating 43 years with us - so we think this speaks for itself.

Securing jobs

We are committed to securing workplaces at Wellemöbel. Our staff numbers have remained steady for a long time, and by working on innovations, ideas, and quality every day, we aim to keep it that way.

Supporting trainees

Trainees are crucial to a company's future success. That's why we invest in ours by providing them with extensive training. Every year young people begin their apprenticeship at Welle in various divisions. We help our entrants achieve above average results by supporting and developing them wherever possible. In addition we work closely with the Melle and Mosbach colleges as well as the FHDW (university of applied sciences for economics) in Paderborn. Together with them we accompany engineers of wood technology and MBA students.

Safe and sound at work.


We look after our staff. We feel strongly about offering various screening examinations as well as ergonomically safe working places. We developed a device to prevent back injury whilst stacking on the production line which was awarded by the trade association. 


To ensure that working for Welle is not only good, healthy, but also safe, Welle is continually tested by qualified safety experts for occupational safety and accident prevention. In the case of an accident, 10% of our employees are trained in first aid - double the legal requirement.